In 2018, we launched Catalog to bring a fresh style, experience and design to the Southern California event industry. Our clean use of modern color and clean lines, coupled with our tasteful execution, was undeniably fresh and we quickly made a name for ourselves in the industry.

For more than a decade Folklore has been a preferred destination of event coordinators, designers, wedding planners and party throwers, providing a trend setting rental collection that exceed the needs of each individual style. As a new brand, Catalog caught their eye.  We collaborated with them, connected with them and ultimately joined forces earlier this year. 


We have merged both of our visions to reflect two distinct companies. Catalog will continue to An inspiring collection of thoughtfully curated tabletop. Folklore will continue to offer the best in specialty rental furniture. Collectively, we are thrilled to offer an extensive, comprehensive and cohesive event rental experience. From distinct furnishings, fixtures and decor to extraordinary tabletop we have elevated the entire process for you. So get in touch and let’s create something stunning, inspiring and memorable together. Folklore. Catalog. And you.